How to Boost Your Productivity as a Writer

There is a large number of ways that can easily improve your overall level of productivity — especially as a writer. Believe me; people have been there, done that. People have been around the block — and have successfully figured out the best possible methods to ensure quality and quantity, quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently.

Firstly, there is a clear correlation between the writers writing time and the writer’s wake up time. Believe it or not, most writers have a particular time of day that they are most able to concentrate in. For example, it is pointless to wake up early to write, when your best work comes out in the light… at night. So, looking at it from this way, how exactly do you figure out where you stand? It’s simple! All you have to do is run a few easy tests on yourself, especially if you aren’t decided on what time is best for you. These simple tests will pass away any of the fog that’s in your mind.

Track your motivation, energy, and focus, throughout the duration of a month. Find out which hours of the day work best for you by trial and error. Go about your schedule as you would usually do, and slowly make adjustments to fit into your new lifestyle. You can even experiment with things such as journaling. For instance, try writing down the first things that come to your mind when you wake up — whatever it is that they might be. Find the time to do this, if you can. It’s far more helpful than you might imagine it to be. Just writing these things down is incredibly relaxing and soothing. However, writing your thoughts down daily does more than relax you — it stimulates something important inside of your brain and in your mind. You’ve started writing! At least you’re writing something, now. Anyone can write down how they feel. Something is better than nothing.

In the modern age, the distractions run rampant. It is easy to become distracted on social media. So, it is heavily advised that you work one hundred percent offline. Especially, for the people who work in busy places, where your team and coworkers are constantly messaging you and updating you and asking you questions, going offline can be a surefire way to have a broad focus. Besides, in the scenario where you are completely offline, your phone, tablet, computer — everything, you no longer have any other distractions. No Instagram, no Facebook, none of that. It is just you and the words on your screen now.

Setting yourself deadlines is an incredibly good idea. Almost everyone puts off what it is that they should be doing. Or perhaps, people put off what they want to do. It could be anything — going to the gym, traveling, buying a new boat, visiting their forlorn fathers — all of this can be put off easily. However, setting yourself a moderately strict deadline can be strangely effective in forcing you to get what lies in front of you completed, and out of the way.