Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Writing

There are many life habits that you can change to improve your writing and brain processing power. Afterall, your brain is like a computer. For your computer to operate correctly, it is must be kept clean and well supplied with power. Most people don’t realize it, but they typically run far more inefficiently than they realize.

Wake up earlier. For most people, the best of their writing comes in the early morning. Although it isn’t like there is direct scientific research to back this, it is just a widely regarded and popular claim. After a good breakfast and shower, peoples brains are the freshest in the early morning. The house is still relatively quiet (assuming you don’t live alone) and the neighborhood is still quiet (assuming you live in a neighborhood.) The business of the day ahead of you hasn’t quite picked up yet. So, start waking up early. It may take some time to get fully adjusted, but it is absolutely worth it in the end. Nothing quite compares to that fresh, ready-to-go feeling you experience upon waking up early with a fresh cup of coffee, ready to start the days writing.

Running, and (or) exercise. Running especially is a good thing to do early in the morning. Exercise, in general, is a good idea. The healthier your body is, the healthier your mind is going to be. A healthy mind means unleashed creativity and greater focus and brain power. More brain power equals more writing. It’s simple math.

Eat healthily. More specifically, eat a healthy breakfast. While you don’t have to be a super nutrition expert, everyone knows that a good protein-filled breakfast gets you ready for the day. It can give you better short and long-term memory, greater energy and increased focus — among various other things. It may feel like more work to make a good breakfast like this, but it’s only relative to your goals. You only need fifteen minutes to cook three eggs and make coffee, eat, and clean the dishes. Sure, it takes you two minutes to eat a bowl or two of carb-filled sweet cereal… but is saving that ten or so minutes really worth trading all the potential benefits you could receive by taking a few minutes to cook a good, healthy breakfast?

Caffeine stimulants, like coffee. Coffee is not the highest consumed coffee without reason. It is high in caffeine. It tastes good. But, that those aren’t the only reasons. A big part of it is the novelty that comes along with it. Nothing really beats a good cup of morning coffee. It is truly unbeatable. Not only does it taste good in the morning, it really does jumpstart your day with a good healthy rush of energy.

Find some peace and solitude. Typically, people feel that isolation can make great a sense of intentionality in one’s life. Because one has intentionally withdrawn from social interaction, it makes it easier to think about assumptions, claims, and ideas of the sociology of culture. Solitude provides an escape. It’s a way to find a new opportunity, and see life from different perspectives.

We’ve included a short video for you that will inspire to make some lifestyle/habit changes which will improve your creativity and production. Enjoy!